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or mus·ke·lunge  (mŭs′kə-lŭnj′)
n. pl. muskellunge or mus·kel·lung·es or muskelunge or mus·ke·lung·es
A large freshwater fish (Esox masquinongy) of the northern United States and southern Canada that is closely related to the northern pike and is valued as a game fish.

[Canadian French maskinongé, from Ojibwa maashkinoozhe.]
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(ˈmʌskəˌlʌndʒ) ,






n, pl -lunges, -longes, -nonges, -lunge, -longe or -nonge
(Animals) a large North American freshwater game fish, Esox masquinongy: family Esocidae (pikes, etc). Often (informal) shortened to: musky or muskie
[C18: maskinunga, of Algonquian origin; compare Ojibwa mashkinonge big pike]
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(ˈmʌs kəˌlʌndʒ)

n., pl. -lung•es, (esp. collectively) -lunge.
a large pike, Esox masquinongy, of the Great Lakes and Mississippi drainage.
[1780–90, Amer.; < Canadian French maskinongé < Ojibwa ma·skino·še·, ma·škino·še·]
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Noun1.muskellunge - flesh of very large North American pikemuskellunge - flesh of very large North American pike; a game fish
Esox masquinongy, muskellunge - large (60 to 80 pounds) sport fish of North America
pike - highly valued northern freshwater fish with lean flesh
2.muskellunge - large (60 to 80 pounds) sport fish of North Americamuskellunge - large (60 to 80 pounds) sport fish of North America
pike - any of several elongate long-snouted freshwater game and food fishes widely distributed in cooler parts of the northern hemisphere
muskellunge - flesh of very large North American pike; a game fish
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During the Pleistocene, the Columbia River lost several warm-water minnows, a bullhead catfish (Ameirus spp.), a sunfish (Archovlites spp.), and a cool-water muskellunge (Esox spp.) (Smith and others 2000).
It is DEC's only hatchery that raises pure-strain muskellunge. Walleye and sauger are also raised here, with all three species stocked into a variety of waters throughout the state.
Channel catfish and muskellunge (muskie) are stocked annually through the IDNR hatcheries.
Uptake and depletion of plasma 17[alpha]-methyltestosterone during induction of masculinization in muskellunge, Esox masquinongy: effect on plasma steroids and sex reversal.
Muskellunge Management: Fifty Years of Cooperation Among Anglers, Scientists, and Fisheries Biologists
"River rats"--local men who know the river well--hire out to take a party as large as six or eight in pursuit of perch, bass, northern or walleye pike, or the biggest prize of all--a muskellunge. With well-equipped boats--some of them historic--it can be an exciting day on the water, often topped off with your guide preparing a complete shore dinner of the day's catch and all the trimmings, including the celebrated "Thousand Islands French Toast" for dessert.
Whether they share a common ancestor with the saltwater barracuda, or not, is up for debate, but chain pickerel are closely related to the northern pike and muskellunge, prime targets for anglers who live up in the frozen north of the United States and into Canada.
Unlike its cousin, the larger muskellunge, pike have distinguishing light markings on their dark bodies.
Site fidelity has been observed in juvenile tiger muskellunge [hybrids of northern pike (Esox ludus) and muskellunge (E.
Age and growth of the sucker, Catostomus commersoni, in Muskellunge Lake, Vilas County, Wisconsin.
Featured performers at the Festival include Grammy Award winning Bluegrass titans Tim O'Brien and Bryan Sutton, an exciting new group The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, and the ever popular Muskellunge Bluegrass.