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messy; untidy; tangled: mussed hair
Not to be confused with:
must – ought; should; obliged, bound, required, or compelled to: You must be on time.; a necessity; vital: A warm coat is a must in this weather.
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tr.v. mussed, muss·ing, muss·es
To make messy or untidy; rumple.
A state of disorder; a mess.

[Probably alteration of mess.]

muss′i·ly adv.
muss′i·ness n.
muss′y adj.
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I can't wait to see this look on the high street, sexy, mussed up tressed and voluptuous volume.
The secret to mussed up hair is a light and layered cut that can be worked into a frenzy with texturiser goodies.
Mussed up hair is easy to achieve and really raunchy.