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tr.v. mussed, muss·ing, muss·es
To make messy or untidy; rumple.
A state of disorder; a mess.

[Probably alteration of mess.]

muss′i·ly adv.
muss′i·ness n.
muss′y adj.


adj, mussier or mussiest
untidy or disordered
ˈmussily adv
ˈmussiness n


(ˈmʌs i)

adj. muss•i•er, muss•i•est.
untidy, messy.
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Adj.1.mussy - dirty and disorderlymussy - dirty and disorderly; "a mussy fussy bedroom"; "a child's messy eating habits"
untidy - not neat and tidy; "careless and untidy in her personal habits"; "an untidy living room"; "untidy and casual about money"


Marked by an absence of cleanliness and order:


adj (+er) (US inf) → unordentlich, durcheinander pred (inf)
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