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Tsai also listed her 'five musts,' uniting the DPP, linking up with social forces to 'make the DPP larger than the DPP,' let the public feel the economic improvements as a result of reforms, protect sovereignty to allow all Taiwanese to choose their own future, and link up with friends overseas who support freedom and human rights in order to turn Taiwan into 'the world's Taiwan.'
MUST is intended to serve as a core municipal bond allocation in investors' portfolios but can also complement traditional core holdings to deliver higher tax-exempt income and risk-adjusted return potential than traditional benchmark products.
In the Urdu category, MUST's Farrukh Awais stood first while second one was also clinched by Mr.
Writers may well be reputed to be an aggregation of distinct and well-defined individuals laboring in compatibility in order to bring forth something on paper exclusively from their cultivatable minds; and Writer Must does give the effect to fit that analogy.
Hand or liquid soaps are definite musts in the bathroom.
Partygoers can also look forward to a range of original hard rock songs from MUST's upcoming album and Black Lime will finish off the event with a selection of well-known rock covers.
The report, "SR1,200 salary set for Indian housemaids," (July 22) has many "musts" for those employers who wish to hire a maid.
The "musts" are: the issue of Syria must be resolved through political means; the future of Syria must be decided by its own people; an inclusive political transition process must be promoted; national reconciliation and Syria's unity must be achieved in Syria.
often ambiguous, conciliatory maybes, no musts, something between the
"High quality rail services and improved connectivity are increasingly important 'musts' for our cities' businesses, especially in terms of access to London and Manchester, and vital for inward investment.
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