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also mous·ta·chio (mə-stăsh′ō, -stăsh′ē-ō′, -stä′shō, -shē-ō′)
n. pl. mus·ta·chios also mous·ta·chios
A mustache, especially a luxuriant one.

[Ultimately from Italian dialectal mustaccio, mustache; see mustache.]

mus·ta′chioed (-stăsh′ōd, -stăsh′ē-ōd′, -stä′shōd, -shē-ōd′) adj.
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n, pl -chios
(Hairdressing & Grooming) (often plural when considered as two halves) often jocular a moustache, esp when bushy or elaborately shaped
[C16: from Spanish mostacho and Italian mostaccio]
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(məˈstɑ ʃoʊ, -ʃiˌoʊ, -ˈstæʃ oʊ, -ˈstæʃ iˌoʊ)

n., pl. -chios.
a mustache, usu. a bushy one.
[1545–55; < Sp mostacho and its source, Italian mostaccio]
mus•ta′chioed, adj.
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Noun1.mustachio - a large bushy moustache (with hair growing sometimes down the sides of the mouth)
moustache, mustache - an unshaved growth of hair on the upper lip; "he looked younger after he shaved off his mustache"
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n pl <-s> → Schnauzbart m
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References in classic literature ?
Bowls, Miss Crawley's large confidential butler (who, indeed, happened to be at the keyhole during the most part of the interview); and the Captain coming out, curling his mustachios, mounted the black charger pawing among the straw, to the admiration of the little blackguard boys collected in the street.
He knew the old gentleman's character well; and a more unscrupulous old-- whyou--he did not conclude the sentence, but walked home, curling his mustachios, and convinced he had found a clue to Mrs.
They present the same rosy complexions and straw-colored mustachios, the same plump cheeks, vacant eyes and low forehead; and they utter, with the same stolid gravity, the same imbecile small talk.
What with mustachios and whiskers, there was none of the rest of his face to be seen.
But this was quite a different type of man to the mean fellows whom I had been accustomed to meet; indeed, in appearance he reminded me more of the polite doms I have read about, for he was tall and thin, with large dark eyes and curling grey mustachios. We talked together for a while, for he could speak broken English, and I understood a little Portugee, and he told me that his name was Jose Silvestre, and that he had a place near Delagoa Bay.
The other seaman, however, was neither old nor small--a huge bear of a man, with fierce black mustachios, and a great bull neck set between massive shoulders.
His complexion had got pale: his face, at the lower part was covered, to my great surprise and disappointment, with a curly brown beard and mustachios. He had a lively touch-and-go way with him, very pleasant and engaging, I admit; but nothing to compare with his free-and-easy manners of other times.
'He should have tried mustachios and a pair of military trousers, my dear,' said the Jew.
Mustachio studied ground effects of unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) with a W-shaped configuration and investigated the influences of aileron deflection [18].
At over 900 pages plus appendices, The Osamu Tezuka Story might seem imposing, but while the account is thorough and well-detailed, Ban always moves it along engagingly, making use of one of Tezuka's characters, Mustachio, to narrate.
with their enormous whiskers" had taken to growing moustaches, too, to the initial "dislike" of the ladies; but "as modern fashion soon reconciles the sex to any novelty, the mustachio salute is not only sanctioned now by the dowagers of the whiskerando tribe, but even voted by the young smooth-lipped belles, to be funny enough!"' (59)
"However, we had a good network of contacts from our work as the Mustachio design company and knew that crowdfunding was taking off, so there was a route there for us," said Matt.