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a. Any of various Eurasian plants of the mustard family, especially white mustard, Indian mustard, and black mustard, which are cultivated for their pungent seeds and edible leaves.
b. A condiment made from the powdered seeds of certain of these plants.
2. A member of the mustard family.
3. A dark yellow to light olive brown.
4. Any of a group of toxic organic compounds that include mustard gas and the nitrogen mustards.

[Middle English, from Old French mustarde, from Latin mustum, must, unfermented wine; see must3.]

mus′tard·y adj.


1. (Cookery) flavoured with mustard
2. (Cookery) resembling mustard in flavour or colour
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I shy away from thickeners in canning, so I opted to increase the mustard and lower the sugar to give this pickle brine a creamy consistency and strong mustardy backbone.
Accompanied by a mustardy vinaigrette dressed green leaf salad it made a convenient, but far more important, really delicious main course for lunch with friends.
In the accompanying recipe, they are steamed and sauced with a bright, mustardy vinaigrette, then paired with wobbly-yolked eggs.
The mash was delicious, though, really creamy, tasty and full of a mustardy flavour that I felt would definitely complement the pork if the jus flavourings hadn't been dried out.
While they were smartened up with a griddled baby leek, Parmesan crisps, a mustardy cheese sauce and more dinky greens, it was still an overpriced disappointment.
On the side, a small bowl of pickled veal tongue, and another of mustardy celeriac remoulade and strands of banana blossom.
claim This one, from Janneke's new book, comes with a mustardy mayo and is topped with onions.
There is also homemade pumpkin soup or -- a bit more summery -- the smoked salmon in a mustardy sauce.
Return to the oven for 2-3 mins until the spinach has begun to wilt and the peas are hot and covered in the mustardy sauce.
Aside from giving it a gorgeous yellowish hue, the luyang dilaw also provides a very distinct mustardy aftertaste like a mild vinaigrette dressing.
For instance, this past growing season, kids sampled tatsoi, a mustardy Asian salad green.
Eaten young, it resembles sprouting broccoli with a hint of spinach and a mustardy tang.