Muster book

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a book in which military forces are registered.

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Statistical information attesting to its effectiveness in treating sick seamen can be compiled from muster books that were returned on a quarterly basis.
From the 1790s, the hospital muster books from Antigua provide insight into the types of sickness crippling seamen as well as identifying how many died from their illness.
Figures from the muster books sustain that the majority of seamen were discharged back to service while only a small number died in the hospital.
The records are from the Army Muster Books, held at the National Archives in Kew, West London.
(2.) Muster Books and Pay Lists of the Kings American Regiment (1782-1783) WO 12/10821, Great Britain War Office, Loyalist Collection of Harriet Irving Library, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB.
(7.) There is disagreement among the sources as the muster books (5) clearly place Sgt.
(5.) "Muster book and pay lists" of the Kings American Regiment: 25 June-2 September 1783, Great Britain War Office (WO 12/10821).
Dr Tony Barrow, who lives in Embleton in Northumberland and lectures at Newcastle College, made several visits to the National Archives centre at Kew in London to trawl through the muster books of the warships which fought at Trafalgar.
Donohoe has indexed the personnel in the War Office Muster Books and Pay Lists.
Brown's record appears in two muster books, dating between May 8th and August 23rd, 1815.
The muster books can be cross-referenced with the pay books; in both she has a reference number of 18.
They are equally familiar with other sources found among admiralty papers including muster books, half-pay books, lieutenants' examination warrants, ships' logs and court martial proceedings, which have also been used by the author.