(ˈmʌs ənt)
contraction of must not.
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There are countless opportunities and benefits that new and emerging uses of data can provide to the state sector, but we mustnt lose sight of the importance of people in that data, Ms MacPherson said.
Most small- and large-scale farmers rely on rain but it mustnt exceed a certain limit.
He further said that Pakistan is a nuclear power and has strong and capable Army, in such situation PM of India Narrender Modi mustnt check our patience by issuing anti Pakistan statement.
Original products that you mustnt come back without include a rock of salt that works as a deodorant and a fragrance called Rain.
Ring to hear why you mustnt change the way you are.
He didnt like the statement of British Prime Minister, and said given the nature of Pakistan and India such remarks mustnt have been passed by top UK leadership.
We mustnt send out mixed messages that may affect our recycling performance."
Mr Browns idea is superficially attractive, but mustnt be forced through at the expense of a high-quality all-round service for all communities.
Were always told that we mustnt speak to the guests unless they speak to us first, he said.
But we mustnt become smug about the foibles of foreigners, for we have lunacy aplenty at home, too.
I want all three different publications (E.G.M., Dolmetsch Consorts, Chosen Gems) to cross-reference & mutual-admiration-societyize us all (The Jews mustnt have it all their own way - nor the Germans!)
In letter after letter he had to go on reassuring her that he had not forgotten her, that he did still love her, that he was not enjoying the social round in which he was engaged (`There are a lot of people here but I dont look at any of them because Skits says I mustnt.'), and that occasional reports of his engagement were untrue.