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a. Capable of or subject to change or alteration.
b. Prone to frequent change; inconstant: mutable weather patterns.
2. Tending to undergo genetic mutation: a mutable organism; a mutable gene.

[Middle English, from Latin mūtābilis, from mūtāre, to change; see mutate.]

mu′ta·bil′i·ty n.
mu′ta·bly adv.
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Whether Augusta is read as a will, a fashionable lady, or a seafaring savage, her body is construed according to the overlapping registers of her tattoo, flipping mutably between one and the next.
One could, given moralistic condemnatory attitudes but strong forgiveness norms, regard a serious criminal as someone wicked but salvageable--thus mutably or temporarily devalued.
Summary: Lounging in a cafe, dancing tango, gazing into a mirror, performing music or simply reclining on her bed -- woman, in all her mutably feminine splendor, nowadays haunts Beirut's zone of reclaimed coast like a totem of sensuality.