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 (myo͞o′tə-jĕn′īz, -jə-nīz′)
tr.v. mu·ta·gen·ized, mu·ta·gen·iz·ing, mu·ta·gen·iz·es
To cause or induce mutation in (a cell or an organism).
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(ˈmjuːtədʒəˌnaiz) or


vb (tr)
(Genetics) to subject (cells, DNA, etc) to mutagens to induce mutations
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elegans researchers often mutagenize worms with EMS (ethylmethanesulfonate) to isolate new mutations.
Similarly to previous studies, the authors used the retroviral gene-trap approach to mutagenize HAP1 cells followed by deep sequencing to map more than 800.000 insertions.
The objective of this project is to mutagenize and identify every gene that has an altered circadian rhythm function.