mutatis mutandis

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mu·ta·tis mu·tan·dis

(mo͞o-tä′tĭs mo͞o-tän′dĭs)
adv. Abbr. m.m.
With differences or changes in various details corresponding to a given overall difference or change: the application of maritime law, mutatis mutandis, to space travel.

[Latin mūtātīs mūtandīs, the necessary changes having been made (literally, "with the things to be changed having been changed") : mūtātīs, ablative plural of mūtātus, changed, past participle of mūtāre, to change + mūtandīs, ablative plural of mūtandus, to be changed, gerundive of mūtāre.]

mutatis mutandis

(muːˈtɑːtɪs muːˈtændɪs)
the necessary changes having been made

mu•ta•tis mu•tan•dis

(muˈtɑ tis muˈtɑn dis; Eng. myuˈteɪ tɪs myuˈtæn dɪs)

adv. Latin.
the necessary changes having been made.

mutatis mutandis

A Latin phrase meaning the necessary changes having been made.
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Adv.1.mutatis mutandis - with the necessary changes having been carried out
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The regulations of public clients are therefore applied mutatis mutandis. For this purpose, Regular coordination with the historic preservation authorities takes place.
Examples, mutatis mutandis, might be: "Scotland will need to be careful on Saturday." Or, "The English defence will be a hard nut to crack." One might also get away with: "Mutatis has had a very good season, I understand.
What the Torah was to Maimonides, or the Old and New Testament to Aquinas, the Declaration of Independence was, mutatis mutandis, to Jaffa: an authoritative framework of divine and natural law by which human beings could take guidance.
The whole of the old Northern Region still speaks with nostalgia about the quality of delivery of the Sardauna Ahmadu Bello government; and mutatis mutandis, Zik's in the Eastern Region.
Terminare con esta cita que retrata bien, mutatis mutandis, lo que aun sucede en nuestra joven y ya decaida democracia:
C'est du pain benit pour l'Assemblee des representants du peuple qui s'autorise mutatis mutandis a faire la pluie et le beau temps sous l'autorite de ses deux formations politiques preponderantes , en ne laissant aux autres que des miettes, une peau de chagrin dans laquelle ils s'enserrent pour affirmer, le plus souvent bruyamment, une presence qui a peu de poids chaque fois qu'il s'agit de voter une loi, qu'elle soit organique ou ordinaire.
It said: "The Treaty of Establishment, the Treaty of Guarantee and the Treaty of Alliance remain in force and shall apply mutatis mutandis to the new state of affairs" (article 1(3)).
It's a Haredi rom-com, a heymish equivalent to an austere drama of faith like Carl-Theodor Dreyer's Ordet that, as made in strict accordance to Halachic law, might have been produced mutatis mutandis in Saudi Arabia.
Mutatis mutandis, it can also be rightfully said that the SET majority did not err in deeming Poe a natural-born Filipino since it was well in accord with the still-controlling Bengzon doctrine.
The field also includes Fire Fighting, Niceofyoutotellme and Mutatis Mutandis.
While drafting the rules, it was stipulated that once notified, the state governments would be requested to adopt these rules mutatis mutandis ( making necessary alterations while not affecting the main point at issue) so that there might be uniformity, as far as possible, in the matter of implementation of the Act throughout the country," DoPT said in an order.
MUTATIS MUTANDIS can strike a blow for the English raiders in the Group Two Kilboy Estate Stakes, which takes centre stage at the Curragh this afternoon.