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 (myo͞o′tāt, myo͞o-tāt′)
intr. & tr.v. mu·tat·ed, mu·tat·ing, mu·tates
To undergo or cause to undergo mutation.

[Latin mūtāre, mūtāt-, to change; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]

mu′ta′tive (-tā′tĭv, -tə-tĭv) adj.
mu′ta′tor n.
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Adj.1.mutative - of or pertaining to or marked by genetic mutation
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Endometriosis, I have learnt, is mutative and keeps spreading.
However, the frameworks to define how national and international actors should contribute to improving access to WATSAN through development cooperation have been mutative over the years (2).
Ainsi, pour Diego, mon rapport faisait etat de l'histoire de terreur d'un adolescent qui avait ete ecorche vif et dont les traumatismes infantiles se telescopaient a la periode mutative de l'adolescence.
Chapters cover: an awareness of lifeAEs limitations; a description of the psychoanalytic relationship; the end of the analytic hour--a metaphor for other endings; the perennial pertinence of ancient stories; the constant presence of deathAEs reality; the search for an understanding of what cannot be known, vulnerability in the face of unexpected losses, fears, and wounds; the end of a powerful mutative relationship; identification with human frailty which requires the analyst to resolve conflicts<-u>the loss of immortality; how to endure loss and go on.
Although Big Five traits tend to be stable in character if not in degree, that is less true of the more mutative characteristic adaptations and affect, which can be measured as general dispositions or as specific attitudes related to an object or context.
Meanwhile, the proposed SVG can generate the compensating current with the same mutative value.
Letter writing is indicative of relational practice (Allan & Bertoia, 1992; Epston, 1994; Mearns & Cooper, 2005; Pyle, 2009; Rodgers, 2009), and humanism highlights the centrality of relationship as a mutative force in the client's experience of growth in the counseling experience.
These types of systems can add, remove, or replace their own components at runtime, referred to as additive, reductive, and mutative changes.
Our existential kinship-in-the-same-darkness is the condition for the possibility both of the profound contextuality of emotional trauma and the mutative power of human understanding.
Eccles and Krzus define an integrated report as one that "combines the financial and narrative information found in a company's annual report with the nonfinancial (such as on environmental, social, and governance issues) and mutative information found in a company's 'Corporate Social Responsibility' or 'Sustainability' report" (One Report, John Wiley & Sons Inc.
Indeed, designing prudent macroeconomic policies would facilitate the development of mutative finance-led growth (Palley, 1996), as finance-led regime as a pre-condition, requires a stable and favorable macroeconomy.