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a. Muffled; indistinct: a muted voice.
b. Mute or subdued; softened: muted colors.
2. Music Produced by or provided with a mute.

mut′ed·ly adv.
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in a muted or restrained manner
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But we talk about it only mutedly. As I speak to you now, in South Sudan, the youngest nation in Africa, the Nuers have risen against the Dinka.
Since gaining independence from France in 1962, Algeria has always spoken (increasingly more mutedly) of what it perceives as its "Tuareg problem".
the thinking officers, the mutedly cynical and Stoic descendants of the
The horizon of such hope, says Suvin, in Metamorphoses of Science Fiction, "can be seen as mutedly triumphalist, expecting a long and difficult but ultimately probable socialist victory" even though this "hope was rapidly becoming untenable even as [he] was wrapping up Metamorphoses in 1979" (Suvin, "Considering the Sense" 213).
They had read enough of what the other wrote to think of each other with respect, although again, Sargeson more mutedly so than his guest.
Dispelling scepticism, the government has reiterated - albeit mutedly - to respecting (and implementing) the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project.
Within educated Roman Catholic circles, mutedly in the 1920s and 30s, more fractiously in the late 40s and 50s, and culminating in positions taken at Vatican II in the 60s, Catholic theologians, as well as Catholic thinkers and writers, debated the meaning of nature and grace, and they held this debate in both Thomist and Augustinian terms.
But clearly Netanyahurecently under attack from a number of senior defense figures, including Yuval Diskin, the former head of Shin Bet and ex-Mossad head Meir Dagan, both of whom oppose attacking Iran at present; and, more mutedly, by current IDF chief of general staff Benny Gantz, who said he doesn't believe Iran will "go the extra mile" and build a bombwas clearly happy to have Mofaz on board.
Owing to Trichet's hawkish language on rate hikes last month, this recent hike had been widely anticipated by markets - which reacted rather mutedly.
Moreover, they find that well-connected directors are more likely to be awarded more directorships and to act mutedly when overseeing CEOs because they feel that their status in the network is secure.
(5) It was the impact of the Spanish Revolution that caused Read to declare for anarchism in 1937 - at first extremely mutedly in the Left Review survey, Authors Take Sides on the Spanish War, initiated in June, in which his statement reads in its entirety:
Far more recently, and similarly mutedly reported, were the ten armed men who robbed the Grand Casino in Basel, Switzerland, earlier this week.