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adj. mut·er, mut·est
1. Refraining from producing speech or vocal sound.
a. Offensive Unable to speak.
b. Unable to vocalize, as certain animals.
3. Expressed without speech; unspoken: a mute appeal.
4. Law Declining to enter a plea to a criminal charge: standing mute.
5. Linguistics
a. Not pronounced; silent, as the e in the word house.
b. Pronounced with a temporary stoppage of breath, as the sounds (p) and (b); plosive; stopped.
1. Offensive One who is incapable of speech.
2. Law A defendant who declines to enter a plea to a criminal charge.
3. Music Any of various devices used to muffle or soften the tone of an instrument.
4. Linguistics
a. A silent letter.
b. A plosive; a stop.
tr.v. mut·ed, mut·ing, mutes
1. To soften or muffle the sound of.
2. To soften the tone, color, shade, or hue of.

[Middle English muet, from Old French, from diminutive of mu, from Latin mūtus.]

mute′ly adv.
mute′ness n.
Usage Note: In reference to people who are unable to speak, mute and deaf-mute are now usually considered objectionable. Unlike blind and deaf, which are straightforward terms that need not be avoided out of fear of causing offense, mute and deaf-mute have fallen out of use and are likely to evoke older stereotypes of helplessness or pitiableness. They are especially objectionable if taken to imply that a person who cannot or does not use oral speech is thereby deprived of language. Many people who lack the ability to speak now converse through ASL or similar sign languages, which have the same communicative utility as spoken language. See Usage Note at deaf.
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Summary: California [USA], February 5 (ANI): In a bid to deliver a quieter and less annoying experience to its users, Mozilla has announced that its Firefox browser will soon start automatically muting audio and videos that play by default on websites.
Facebook's implementation of muting is counterintuitive for most of those purposes because a keyword cannot be muted unless the user has already seen it in a post.
Muting someone without unfollowing reinforces the notion that any rejection is bad, when it's actually a natural, normal part of life.
"Stated otherwise, 'a person's right to speak is not infringed when government simply ignores that person while listening to others,' or when the government 'amplifies' the voice of one speaker over those of others." Buchwald explained that blocking someone on Twitter goes further than just muting them.
About the new Mute feature, muting an account doesn't mean that the user has unfollowed them, even though it is a sort of soft-unfollow.
Models featuring integral muting enable a direct connection between the system and muting sensors.
Several local social media users however took aim at Hafidz and the organisers, the loose movement called #Perpaduan, and their host Facebook page 'Malaysian Gags' for muting the live stream despite it being a public event.
I'll end here with my second favorite tip, after the muting of chatty group texts.
The new PSENopt advanced light beam devices allow the highest flexibility thanks to their multifunctionality: muting or blanking and cascading are implemented within the same light beam device.