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Side whiskers that are narrow at the temple, broad along the lower cheek or jawline, and separated by a shaven chin.
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pl n
(Hairdressing & Grooming) side whiskers trimmed in the shape of chops, widening out from the temples
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(ˈmʌt nˌtʃɒps)
side whiskers that are narrow at the temples and broad and trimmed short at the jawline, the chin being shaved both in front and beneath. Also called mut′tonchop whisk′ers.
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They look like extras from Gangs of New York - all muttonchops, moustaches and menace.
Riley, 47, has been a visible icon of East Bay culture and activism for such a long time that it's hard to imagine he wasn't born with his trademark Afro and muttonchops. Sorry to Bother You, like Riley's music, functions as a portal into his revolutionary worldview, wherein artists and working families and people of color struggle against gentrification, greedy landlords, diabolical corporations, and a rigged, racist, rapacious capitalist system protected by thuggish cops and bought politicians.
After that I get a three-piece unibrow, two muttonchops, a goatee and a two-piece wig.
Instead of sheep the Llangollen YFC members ran the clippers over muttonchops - their own.
A third had a good body but ludicrous muttonchops. A fourth carried a man purse because his pale gabardine trousers had no pockets and looked sprayed on: In France only middle-aged bus drivers out on the town still carried them.
With his trademark moles framed by dark muttonchops, the bassist and vocalist cut an unmistakable figure on stage as he craned his neck to the microphone, growling out hits like "Ace of Spades" with a throat he said he fed for decades with a bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey a day.
Mainly, the movie is a series of one-on-ones between Phoenix, looking like Abbie Hoffman with muttonchops, and a mad variety of '60s archetypes--Black militants, Aryan Nations goons, teenage runaways, Feds, a sunshine-gal ex-junkie ( Jena Malone), a fortysomething swinger (Martin Short), a police informant (Owen Wilson), a hippie-hating cop (Josh Brolin), and hippie chicks of all persuasions, as well as the weird ringer of a super-straight pot-smoking deputy DA (Reese Witherspoon).
They've all got big muttonchops and huge walrus moustaches, and when they chuff--blowing air from their pursed lips--their moustaches bristle and flutter.
Jude - whose real name is Dave - put on 30 pounds and grew muttonchops for his role in Don Hemingway.
Always an avid reader and animal lover, his other hobbies included making movies, graphic animation, designing computer games, photography, building rockets, enjoying watching the stunts at the Flying Circus Airshows in Bealeton, VA, live theater, museums, walking historical trails and battlefields, chatting with his precious parakeet, Bluebird Muttonchops, along with his greatest passion, riding roller coasters in Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens.
At breakfast the morning of the party Millie found it difficult to keep a pretense of interest in anything so prosaic as toast and muttonchops.