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n. Informal
A stupid person; a fool.

[From the proverbial stupidity of sheep.]

mut′ton·head′ed adj.


slang a stupid or ignorant person; fool
ˈmuttonˌheaded adj


(ˈmʌt nˌhɛd)

n. Informal.
a slow-witted, foolish person; dolt.
mut′ton•head`ed, adj.
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Noun1.muttonhead - a stupid personmuttonhead - a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence
dolt, dullard, pillock, poor fish, pudden-head, pudding head, stupe, stupid, stupid person - a person who is not very bright; "The economy, stupid!"
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Our American cousins employ the word "muttonhead" in a derogatory fashion when describing what we in Glasgow might call a "tube", "clown" or "member of UKIP".
Abigail Adams was never less than thoughtful and sensible, and performed a major role in reigning in the darker emotions and superior views of her husband John, who once called George Washington "a muttonhead." She may have admired humility but Bobb is unable to demonstrate that in any serious way she embodied it.
But isn't this typical of this hapless muttonhead's life and luck?