mutual opposition

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: opposition - a relation between two opposite attributes or tendenciesmutual opposition - a relation between two opposite attributes or tendencies; "he viewed it as a balanced polarity between good and evil"
oppositeness, opposition - the relation between opposed entities
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The mutual opposition and rejection between celestial objects are caused by the actions of contraction and aggregation of natural external force.
The coincidence of mutual opposition to a radical Sunni terrorist group should not blind us to the enduring threat that the mullahs represent.
Hermans's comments here do not necessarily contradict Coetzee's definitions of "accentedness", but unlike Coetzee, he would not set accentedness and translation in any mutual opposition.
In efforts to snuff out the distracting hostilities, Kurdish and FSA leaders have striven to point out their mutual opposition to Assad.
Visiting Israel last week, Putin and PM Benjamin Netanyahu subtly hinted at mutual opposition to the ousting of Assad's regime.
The author seems, at times, to characterize the late medieval laity rather too broadly in terms of anticlericalism, Lollardy, and reform, and to present the relationship between clergy and laity as one of general mutual opposition and mistrust.
The overemphasized antagonism of the Albanian opposition leaders and the tactics to grab something from the political "market" do not offer good signs for a mutual opposition front of Albanians.

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