mutually exclusive

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mu′tually exclu′sive

of or pertaining to a situation involving two or more events, possibilities, etc., in which the occurrence of one precludes the occurrence of the other: mutually exclusive plans.
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Adj.1.mutually exclusive - unable to be both true at the same time
incompatible - not compatible; "incompatible personalities"; "incompatible colors"
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The IRS field personnel maintained that the taxpayer intended to enter into one restructuring transaction; thus, all of the transactions considered were mutually exclusive and the associated costs should be capitalized under Sec.
Yet Yoder and Boyarin, without surrendering their particular identities, can each say (or at least imply) that Jesus per se need not be the agent that puts Judaism and Christianity in mutually exclusive camps, and they arrive at that realization without stooping to a fuzzy ecumenism of mutual tolerance that either ignores differences or declares them unimportant.
Stratification: The classification of all persons, units, or elements of interest into comprehensive, mutually exclusive categories (strata).
As both a hunter and someone who considers himself an environmentalist, I think Moss misses the mark entirely by saying the categories are mutually exclusive.
So, measurement and nonprofit success are not a priori mutually exclusive.
The major problem with age related categories is that they are not mutually exclusive, therefore people may take on behaviors generally thought to be in one age category while chronologically being in another age, or they may lack distinguishing characteristics in one category as their age increases.
In the same way, when used at the right time and place, all modalities have benefit and none are mutually exclusive (i.
The fact that these concepts are mutually exclusive is what has caused trouble for many foundries over the years, especially jobbing foundries.
These positions are not mutually exclusive, but rather highly compatible.
Although these typologies are not mutually exclusive, Grignon uses them to understand the situations when people dine together.
It's simple: Sustainable development is the idea that we can protect natural resources and reduce poverty without sacrificing economic growth--that they're not mutually exclusive, that we require all of them.
To participants, Privratsky charged: "Leave smarter than you came and have a whole lot of fun--the two are not mutually exclusive.

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