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A projecting rectangular block or bracket situated above the triglyph and beneath the corona of a Doric cornice.

[Latin mutulus.]


(Architecture) architect one of a set of flat blocks below the corona of a Doric cornice. Compare modillion
[C16: via French from Latin mūtulus modillion]


(ˈmyu tʃul)

a projecting flat block under the corona of the Doric cornice, corresponding to the modillion of other orders.
[1555–65; < Latin mūtulus modillion]
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Dr Mutule Kilonzo, the lead consultant to LAPSSET's Inter-Ministerial committee at the Office of the President, tasked to coordinate the project, plays down the controversy that LAPSSET has caused.
Doric column: a channeled column without a base, having as a capital a circular echinus supporting a square abacus, above which comes a plain architrave, a frieze of triglyphs and metopes, and a cornice the corona of which has mutules on its soffit.

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