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A long loose dress that hangs free from the shoulders.

[Hawaiian mu'umu'u, cut off, muumuu (so called because it has short sleeves and a deeply cut neck, in contrast to the European-style dresses introduced to Hawaii earlier).]



n., pl. -muus.
a long, loose-hanging dress, usu. brightly colored or patterned.
[1920–25; < Hawaiian mu'umu'u, literally, cut-off; so called because it orig. lacked a yoke]


A type of long, loose, brightly colored dress originally worn by Hawaiian women.
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Noun1.muumuu - a woman's loose unbelted dress
dress, frock - a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice
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And some 18% will don the Hawaiian shirt or floor-length muumuu between the ages of 66 and 69.
A cow is a cow and all of his life he behaves the way he sounds 'Muumuu!'
* His props included pantaloon for a kangaroo, a burlap sack for a deer, Bermuda shorts for a horse and a muumuu for a cow.
Further detailing that encounter on her Sirius XM show on Thursday, McCarthy, now 45, explained that she arrived for the audition wearing a muumuu so that the casting crew would pay attention to her face and performance.
"Either flaunt your hoe clothes Very Proudly or else smuggle them under a muumuu when you go out to avoid a confrontation."
A giantess who towered above the men in a sleeveless aqua muumuu. A tough-looking kid and a bent-over brown-skinned lady in a belted shirtdress, his grandmother.
A close look at The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse reveals images of tiny surfers and shark fins, originally part of a Hawaiian muumuu. Given the often-witty juxtaposition of the wildly-varying fabrics, one might ask if there was a deliberate and sincere component of spirituality in Lamb's quilts.
Mitchum, one of Hollywood's great, taciturn tough guys "was in a caftan muumuu, carrying a purse.
My friend Larry Kron is the costumer for Rock Bottom and the force behind House of Larreon, and the first thing he made was a silver muumuu I wore.
While for her real thought, she will "go barefooted, to discard her stockings, and to wear something like a muumuu or a sari or a sarong--something of that sort--with her hair straight to her shoulders" (10).
Between the two, they spelt over 260 words, including 'barukhzy', 'muumuu', 'hemerocallis', 'jacamar' and 'schadenfreude' in 28 rounds with Sharma clinching the title after correctly spelling the word 'definition' in the 29th round, NBC News reported.
So much so that they discovered some things even before Oprah Winfrey, considered retail royalty, chose them as her famous "favorite things." The Yarbroughs found the Urban MuuMuu lounge tonic before Oprah.