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A long loose dress that hangs free from the shoulders.

[Hawaiian mu'umu'u, cut off, muumuu (so called because it has short sleeves and a deeply cut neck, in contrast to the European-style dresses introduced to Hawaii earlier).]



n., pl. -muus.
a long, loose-hanging dress, usu. brightly colored or patterned.
[1920–25; < Hawaiian mu'umu'u, literally, cut-off; so called because it orig. lacked a yoke]


A type of long, loose, brightly colored dress originally worn by Hawaiian women.
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Noun1.muumuu - a woman's loose unbelted dress
dress, frock - a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice
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All people are sexual beings, whether they wear muumuus or t-shirts or push-up bras.
com)-- The plus size fashion industry is exploding and it's the best news in the world for the majority of the women in the country, who have been dying for sexy, beautiful clothes, not the grandma-esq muumuus that have been their only option until now.
In "Full Body," a once able-bodied man is rendered quadriplegic, while over the course of the book the narrator shape-shifts from heavy to thin, and her mother is transformed from a woman who fills muumuus to a pile of ash filling an urn.
Pushing for equality, some women devised "dinner dresses"--oversized muumuus to pull from their bags and slip over their everyday clothes en route to the dining halls, sparing them a trip to the dorms to change.
Most of us know little about Hawaii--luaus, muumuus, orchid leis, ukulele music, hula dancing, and ancient Polynesian gods tend to come to mind--and unfortunately much of what we do know often comes from unreliable novels, movies and television.
They were in caftans and muumuus, and John specifically said, 'I want cleavage; I want to show a waist; I want to show that this woman still has some sense of womanliness left in her.
Lavish Tiki-themed restaurant-bars spread across the country, as did aloha shirts, muumuus and torchlight luaus at home.
Puffy and vacant-eyed behind muumuus and dangling ringlets of hair, Lyonne never becomes present enough to inform the character beyond her obvious nut-job credentials.
BEST TIP: For a streamlined look, forego pleats, muumuus and tucked-in shirts and get a lift from the no-show strapless, backless Nu Bra.
Off-topic/frustrated customer question: "Do you dress in ladies' muumuus and bathe in Spanish rice?
He had his arm around Natalie, who was wearing a magenta holoku, a form-fitting local dress that skimmed the grass and made her look like a goddess next to the other women in their shorts and muumuus.