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also mou·jik or mu·jik or mu·zjik  (mo͞o-zhēk′, -zhĭk′)
A Russian peasant.

[Russian, from muzh, man; see man- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈmuːʒɪk) ,




(Historical Terms) a Russian peasant, esp under the tsars
[C16: from Russian: peasant]


or mu•zjik

(muˈʒɪk, ˈmu ʒɪk)

a Russian peasant.
[1560–70; < Russian muzhík, derivative of muzh husband, man]
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Noun1.muzhik - a Russian peasant (especially prior to 1917)muzhik - a Russian peasant (especially prior to 1917)
bucolic, peasant, provincial - a country person
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At the end of the room is YSL's desk, and on the wall behind it, a portrait of him by Bernard Buffet, a black and white photograph of Catherine Deneuve, pictures of his beloved French bulldog Muzhik.
Referred to by the transliterated Russian term muzhik, they appeared to belong to a separate nation.
Anna and Vronsky, by contrast, live in a world of iron--they dream of a muzhik who hammers iron, and crucial parts of their romance unfold on the railway (in Russian, zheleznaia doroga or "iron way").
The dread of an impending social catastrophe, which Tolstoy believed could be prevented by the elite's assimilation into a peasant's mode of being, shapes the theme of vengeance in the novel and finds its expression in the vision of the incongruous figure of the French-speaking and iron-wielding muzhik.
Rasputin was a paradoxical muzhik who will remain an epitome of intrigue in the annals of history.
Dressed as a muzhik, he hears the jingle of a troika, and is witness to a heroic revolutionary act carried out by a "violently beautiful" Slavic woman "with dreadful black eyes and black hair" (369).
Trudovik writers objected to the Kadet view of the non-urban electorate as "backward," a reflection of a long-standing "intellectual" prejudice against the muzhik.
Thanks, Muzhik," the Cossack says, which I guess makes at least a little bit of sense since he's got the Russian accent and all.
Their consciousness is blocked from view for Oz's reader, just as was the consciousness of the Ukrainian muzhik in Shteinberg's story.
Stalin bided his time and hoarded his resentment of Trotsky like a muzhik counting his kopecks.
Starting out as an entirely authentic period piece--complete with a hilarious vodka-sodden debate about the existence of God between an atheist professor of Marxist-Leninism and a deeply religious village muzhik (redneck)--the film rapidly delves down into the darkness of communist Russia, with murder, rape, torture and a roomful of putrefying corpses awaiting viewers who manage to remain in their seats.