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adj. muz·zi·er, muz·zi·est
1. Mentally confused; muddled.
2. Blurred; indistinct.

[Origin unknown.]

muz′zi·ly adv.
muz′zi·ness n.
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n (= dizziness, dazed state)Benommenheit f; (= blurred state)Verschwommenheit f; (of noise)Verzerrtheit f
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Hayward had altered a little in appearance: his fine hair was thinner, and with the rapid wilting of the very fair, he was becoming wizened and colourless; his blue eyes were paler than they had been, and there was a muzziness about his features.
A withdrawal syndrome can also occur and is associated with headache and a general muzziness. Caffeine may interfere with the effectiveness of drug treatment.
My mother brought me a cup of tea after taking Annie to school, and through the muzziness of my fever I saw my father standing by the bed.