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1. The forward, projecting part of the head of certain animals, such as dogs, including the mouth, nose, and jaws; the snout.
2. A device that is fitted over an animal's snout, often used to prevent biting or eating.
3. The forward, discharging end of the barrel of a firearm.
4. A restraint on free movement or expression: had a muzzle put on their high spirits.
tr.v. muz·zled, muz·zling, muz·zles
1. To put a muzzle on (an animal).
2. To restrain from expression: tried to muzzle the opposition.

[Middle English mosel, from Old French musel, from Medieval Latin mūsellum, diminutive of mūsus, snout, from Latin mūsum.]

muz′zler n.
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Noun1.muzzler - someone who muzzles animals
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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"I'm the reverse of a muzzler. I don't want to see the end of popular print journalism," he said.
You just try returnin' a new bride to Momma or Poppa with missing panels or parts adrift, and you'll likely be lookin' down both barrels of a double muzzler. Should your trusty steed not be ready for flight, another word of caution lest ye be tempted.
I dropped Hitler and Mussolini and to take their places created Muzzler, a composite character fusing well-known features of both dictators without being identifiable as either.