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n. pl. my·ce·to·mas or my·ce·to·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
A chronic, slowly progressing bacterial or fungal infection usually of the foot or leg, characterized by nodules that discharge an oily pus.

[Greek mukēs, mukēt-, fungus + -oma.]

my′ce·to′ma·tous (-tō′mə-təs, -tŏm′ə-) adj.


(Medicine) relating to or affected by a mycetoma
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[1] Fungal sinusitis is classified as either acute fulminant, indolent, mycetomatous, or allergic.
Fungal sinusitis is classified into four main types: acute fulminant, indolent, mycetomatous, and allergic.
Mycetomatous. Mycetomas--fungal balls that are also caused by aspergillosis--also appear in immunocompetent patients.