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n. pl. my·co·bac·te·ri·a (-tîr′ē-ə)
Any of various rod-shaped, aerobic, often pathogenic bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium, including the causative agents of tuberculosis and leprosy.

my′co·bac·ter′i·al adj.
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n, pl -ria (-rɪə)
(Microbiology) any of the rod-shaped Gram-positive bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium, some of which cause human diseases, such as tuberculosis and leprosy
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(ˌmaɪ koʊ bækˈtɪər i əm)

n., pl. -te•ri•a (-ˈtɪər i ə)
any of several rod-shaped aerobic bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium, certain species of which, as M. tuberculosis, are pathogenic.
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Noun1.mycobacterium - rod-shaped bacteria some saprophytic or causing diseases
eubacteria, eubacterium, true bacteria - a large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls; motile types have flagella
genus Mycobacterium - nonmotile Gram-positive aerobic bacteria
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n. L. Mycobacterium, especie de bacterias gram-positivas en forma de bastoncillo que incluyen bacterias causantes de la lepra y la tuberculosis.
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"It has been known for years that Mycobacterium tuberculosis can use carbon monoxide, but nobody knew why," said fellow study co-first author, Katie Bayly.
We attempted to identify the bacilli by using GenoType Mycobacterium (Hain Lifescience, https://www.
For an early diagnosis, it is important to perform biopsies and mycobacterium cultures (4, 8).
The most commonly isolated species are Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) and specifically M.
The causative agent of the disastrous tuberculosis disease is Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC).
Mycobacterium tuberculosis was thought to be less likely, given the lack of tuberculosis exposure history and environmental exposures concerning for an atypical mycobacterial infection.
At the same time, the differentiation between nonspecific tuberculin reactions and specific ones is understudied.Additional optimization approaches to improve test performance were examined and showed that the application of "a priori exclusions" of test results on the basis of reactivity to fortuitum PPD (sensitin produced from Mycobacterium fortuitum) and to a lesser degree, avian PPD, increased specificity without losing sensitivity (Michel et al., 2011).
TBc ID and Cord Factor seem to be highly sensitive and specific for rapid diagnosis and accurate differentiation Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Non-tuberculosis.
Epidemic of postsurgical infections caused by Mycobacterium massiliense.
Research variables were; DNA of mycobacterium TB, Rifampicin resistance.
Keeping the above points in mind the present study was planned with the objective to detect Mycobacterium avium subsp.

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