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Feeding on fungi.

my′co·phage (-kə-fāj′) n.
my·coph′a·gy (-ə-jē) n.
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(Biology) relating to mycophagy; fungi-eating
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(maɪˈkɒf ə gəs)

feeding on fungi.
my•coph′a•gist (-dʒɪst) n.
my•coph′a•gy, n.
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and mycophagous amoebae isolated from soil taken from this site have been shown to act individually or in combination to decrease the incidence of Rhizoctonia root rot under controlled bioassay conditions (Gupta et al.
This family is particularly interesting from the functional perspective because they can be detritivorous, herbivorous, mycophagous, or predacious (Clough et al.
The interrelationship of mycophagous small mammals and ectomycorrhizal fungi in primeval, disturbed and managed Central European mountainous forests.
A strong correlation between accumulation of glycerol and trehalose was present during dehydration and survival of a mycophagous nematode, Aphelenchus avenae, in dry air (Crowe and Madin, 1975).
Because, in this paper, our focus is on aphidophagous insects, we exclude phytophagous and mycophagous ladybirds from the list in the table, but this exclusion does not mean that reproductive interference might not be important in these functional groups [47].
Ananthakrishnan (1973) published mycophagous Thysanoptera of India and Palmer and Mound (1978) also reported nine genera of fungus-feeding Thysanoptera from the oriental region.
The use of organic amendments allows changes in pathogens as Scholte et al., (1998) Used the Farm Yard Manure (FYM) alone and with a combination of white mustard as a soil amendment in already infested soil and found that organic amendment reduced the disease severity and increased the population of mycophagous soil organisms.
Clinodiplosis is a cosmopolitan genus with 104 described species, most being mycophagous, particularly the European ones, but there are also phytophagous species, especially in the New World.
A new genus and subfamily of mycophagous Bothrideridae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea) from the Indo-Australian region, with notes on related families.
This may be explained by the high amount of phosphorus in the soil of these treatments, which may have been harmful to the fungi in the soil, which are food mycophagous mites.
Among the topics are sentinel camera traps monitor the emergence of infectious in Tasmanian devils, using camera traps to compare poison bait uptake by invasive predators and non-target species, a novel camera-based approach to understanding the foraging behavior of mycophagous mammals, the computer-assisted identification of small Australian mammals in camera trap imagery, and analyzing camera trap surveys to detect effects of population management.