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Feeding on fungi.

my′co·phage (-kə-fāj′) n.
my·coph′a·gy (-ə-jē) n.
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1. (Cookery) the eating of mushrooms
2. (Biology) the use of fungi as a source of nourishment
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Noun1.mycophagy - the practice of eating fungi (especially mushrooms collected in the wild)
eating, feeding - the act of consuming food
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Antagonistic bacteria can inhibit plant pathogens by different mechanisms like inhibition of the pathogen by antibiotics and toxins, competition for space and nutrients, parasitism by extracellular cell-wall-degrading enzymes, mycophagy, etc (1; 3).
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Some of my earliest childhood recollections involve weekend afternoons in late summer and fall when the entire house would fill with a particularly noxious odor--one that can be created only by what I now consider to be a cardinal sin of mycophagy (eating mushrooms): the boiling of mushrooms.