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Any of various extremely small bacteria of the genus Mycoplasma that lack cell walls, are usually nonmotile, and are often pathogenic or parasitic in mammals.

[New Latin genus name : myco- + plasma.]

my′co·plas′mal adj.


(Biology) of, relating to, or caused by a mycoplasma
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In 13 of 14 PCR-positive samples, mycoplasmas were cultured and M sturni was the only mycoplasmal species identified.
It usually occurs primarily in response to intra-mammary bacterial infection but mycoplasmal, fungal, or algal infections are also causes of mastitis among which Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli are the most important gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, respectively (Schukken et al.
Peuchant works in the laboratory for Mycoplasmal and Chlamydial Infections in Humans at the University of Bordeaux.
The crop is suffering from number of fungal, bacterial, viral and mycoplasmal diseases.
1998: Epidemic mycoplasmal conjunctivitis in house finches from eastern North America.
The infectious agents including variety of bacterial, viral and mycoplasmal agents (Radostitis et al.
He said : "The poultry industry is starting to realise the benefits of using a product like Aivlosin for ensuring flock health and aiding a speedy recovery from the production losses associated with mycoplasmal infections.
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CONTAMINATION BY MYCOPLASMAL organisms is an ever-present concern in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.