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or my·co·rhi·za (mī′kə-rī′zə)
n. pl. my·cor·rhi·zae (-zē) or my·cor·rhi·zas or my·co·rhi·zae or my·co·rhi·zas
The symbiotic association of the mycelium of a fungus with the roots of a plant, as is found in the majority of vascular plants.

[myco- + Greek rhiza, root; see wrād- in Indo-European roots.]

my′cor·rhi′zal adj.


(ˌmaɪkəˈraɪzə) or


n, pl -zae (-ziː) or -zas
(Botany) an association of a fungus and a plant in which the fungus lives within or on the outside of the plant's roots forming a symbiotic or parasitic relationship. See ectotrophic mycorrhiza, endotrophic mycorrhiza
[C19: from myco- + Greek rhiza root]
ˌmycorˈrhizal, ˌmycoˈrhizal adj


(ˌmaɪ kəˈraɪ zə)

n., pl. -zae (-zē), -zas.
a symbiotic association of the mycelium of a fungus, esp. a basidiomycete, with the roots of certain plants, in which the hyphae form a closely woven mass around the rootlets or penetrate the cells of the root.
my`cor•rhi′zal, my`co•rhi′zal, adj.
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She added that the enhancement of clonal nursery and rooting facilities was 60-percent complete, while the test on varying concentrations of rooting hormone and mycorrhiza formulation in rooting batikuling and makaasim stem cuttings is 73-percent complete.
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The scientists found that the symbiosis of plant and fungus - the mycorrhiza - is of particular importance.
Arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) is a symbiotic association formed with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) and 80% of terrestrial plant roots.
Mycorrhiza formation and growth of Eucalyptus globulus seedlings inoculated with spores of various ectomycorrhizal fungi.
It was Albert Bernard Frank (1885), a forest pathologist, who for the first time introduced the term mycorrhiza. In Greek language "mykes" refers to Fungus and "rhiza" refers to Root.
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