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Having a myelin sheath: myelinated nerve fibers.


(Physiology) (of a nerve fibre) having a myelin sheath


(ˈmaɪ ə ləˌneɪ tɪd)

(of a nerve) having a myelin sheath; medullated.
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Adj.1.myelinated - (of neurons) covered with a layer of myelinmyelinated - (of neurons) covered with a layer of myelin
unmyelinated - (of neurons) not myelinated
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The normal developmental pattern for myelinated fibre size distribution was impaired with a persistence of small myelinated fibres, and there was a failure of internodal segments on large fibres to elongate with increase in age in children with severe PEM.
a) Normal optic nerve appearance with surrounding myelinated nerve fibres
Nerve biopsy showed moderate myelinated nerve fiber loss, several regenerative clusters, and scattered giant axons.
30 min postketamine injection degenerations in myelinated nerve fibers and spinal ganglion cells were observed.
The rarity of this tumour is due to the fact that the optic nerve is myelinated by oligodendrocytes.
Myelinated axons allow rapid and reliable propagation of action potentials over long distances in the nervous system.
The numbers of myelinated axons were found to be 48.16[+ or -]1.58, 47.66[+ or -]2.16, 33.83[+ or -]4.40 and 41.66[+ or -]1.21 in the C, S, I and SI groups, respectively (Figure 1d).
These velocities can be categorized in myelinated A[alpha] and A[beta] motor fibers for 1st component and myelinated motor and sensorial A[gamma] and AS fibers for 2nd component.
The preclinical results showed that AST-OPC1 cells improved locomotor performance after cervical spinal cord injury and that this functional improvement was associated with reduced parenchymal cavitation and increased sparing of myelinated axons within the injury site.
"The different parts of the brain no longer communicate properly with each other across myelinated fibers, which is postulated as an explanation for cognitive impairment, thought disorder, negative symptoms, and lack of insight--all of which can contribute to nonadherence to treatment."