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Noun1.mym - a metric unit of length equal to 10,000 meters
metric linear unit - a linear unit of distance in metric terms
kilometer, kilometre, klick, km - a metric unit of length equal to 1000 meters (or 0.621371 miles)
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In keeping with this, the purchase price of $2.5 million and 6,000,000 million shares of MYM will be returned to MYM and MYM will return the shares of BioHemp.
MYM Nutraceuticals Inc, (CSE: MYM) (OTCBB: MYMMF), a Canada-based company focused on the global growth of Cannabis and CBD-rich hemp, has named its current executives, Mark Forster and Paul Cheetham, as CFO and COO respectively of MYM International Brands Inc, it is reported today.
BioHemp co-founder, Len Atkinson, will join the MYM management team as Global Hemp Project Manager.
Posted by MYM Entertainment on Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Regarding his return as an actor, the talent agency declared: "He is reviewing several different projects." In its Facebook page, MYM Entertainment posted a congratulatory message for Lee for completing his mandatory service.
The Jazz Smart School programme is one of the premier initiatives launched under MYM. The initiative has been designed to increase student learning outcomes and improve teaching methodology by a smart learning solution deployed through a digital online blended learning platform across 75 female public sector schools in Islamabad.
Islamabad -- In continuance with its digital agenda to empower youth through technology, Jazz has sent three of its startups from the Jazz xlr8 accelerator to '4 Years From Now' (4YFN), under its 'Make Your Mark' (MYM) programme.
Danay told ( MyM magazine that dealing with Luciana and Nick's split was personally "very hard" for her because she and Dillane "had such a great time working together." "He's a great actor and a great human 6 so funny and charismatic," the actress said of Dillane.
iMC23 cells were fixed with ice-cold acetone for 10 min and stained with a silver-ammonia solution (MYM Biological Technology Company, Beijing, China) at 37[degrees] C for 1h.
This initiative is also aligned with VimpelCom's group-wide 'Make Your Mark' (MYM) program.
Other Sri Lankans to be honored by PATA are Clement Ranasinghe, a multi term Chairman of the Sri Lanka PATA Chapter and MYM Thahir, long term Director General of the CTB, both of whom received Awards of Excellence.