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or my·nah  (mī′nə)
Any of various starlings found in South and Southeast Asia and on some islands of the South Pacific, most of which are bluish-black or dark brown with a yellow bill. Certain species, especially the hill myna, are known for mimicry of human speech.

[Hindi mainā, perhaps from Sanskrit madanaḥ, from madana-, delightful, joyful, from madati, it bubbles.]


(ˈmaɪnə) or


(Animals) any of various tropical Asian starlings of the genera Acridotheres, Gracula, etc, esp G. religiosa (see hill mynah), some of which can mimic human speech
[C18: from Hindi mainā, from Sanskrit madana]
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Noun1.mynah - tropical Asian starlingsmynah - tropical Asian starlings    
starling - gregarious birds native to the Old World
Acridotheres tristis, crested myna - dark brown crested bird of southeastern Asia
grackle, Gracula religiosa, hill myna, Indian grackle - glossy black Asiatic starling often taught to mimic speech
Hint sığırcığımina


(ˈmainə) noun
a small tropical bird that can mimic human speech.
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ProSys complements Emerson's May 2017 acquisition of MYNAH Technologies, which provides dynamic simulation and operator training software.
The mynah, although a quarrelling species of bird, here feed so calmly and quietly.
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Abstract: An 18-year-old female Bali mynah (Leucopsar rothschildi) was presented for polyphagia, weight loss, and incoordination.
Whereas , exotic species like colorful parrots, sparrows and some local birds like mynah, quail, pigeon is allowed.
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Mynah birds can also be spiteful, so I implore your readers to take care and keep their faces away from such birds.
Coming to the UAE, I soon realised that it had a sizeable mynah population.
In the 1970s she lived with her mother in Nuneaton, her mum had a mynah bird.
It means elephants join a growing list of animals able to mimic human speech, from parrots and mynah birds to the recently reported case of a human-sounding beluga whale.