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or my·nah  (mī′nə)
Any of various starlings found in South and Southeast Asia and on some islands of the South Pacific, most of which are bluish-black or dark brown with a yellow bill. Certain species, especially the hill myna, are known for mimicry of human speech.

[Hindi mainā, perhaps from Sanskrit madanaḥ, from madana-, delightful, joyful, from madati, it bubbles.]


(ˈmaɪnə) or


(Animals) any of various tropical Asian starlings of the genera Acridotheres, Gracula, etc, esp G. religiosa (see hill mynah), some of which can mimic human speech
[C18: from Hindi mainā, from Sanskrit madana]
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Noun1.mynah - tropical Asian starlingsmynah - tropical Asian starlings    
starling - gregarious birds native to the Old World
Acridotheres tristis, crested myna - dark brown crested bird of southeastern Asia
grackle, Gracula religiosa, hill myna, Indian grackle - glossy black Asiatic starling often taught to mimic speech
Hint sığırcığımina


(ˈmainə) noun
a small tropical bird that can mimic human speech.
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The conditions in which the animals were held caused 44 talking mynahs and three blue-naped parrots to die.
The mynahs make way for the larger tree pies, but retake their position because of their aggressive nature.
Also known as the Palawan Hill Mynah, it is one of the 10 known subspecies of Hill Mynahs and is the only one endemic to the Philippines.
I was standing idle in front of my sweetmeat shop - I noticed a few Indian mynahs roaming around in search of food.
Let's talk about those last birds, the couriers, the peacemakers, the mynahs who've grown accustomed to their brassy cages, the ones who secretly like knowing their place in the world.
The bird was in thin body condition and underweight (70 g; reference interval for female Bali mynahs 14.
Adar lliwgar a doniol yw'r minors a'r mynahs, ond rhai powld ac yn ymladd a'i gilydd yn aml wrth hel eu tamaid ger y ty.
The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 protects only native Indian birds like Munias, Parakeets, Peacocks, Weaverbirds, Koel, Mynahs, and Owls, which despite the ban are available for sale across the country.
There are mynahs, crows, pigeons, hud huds either lying dead on the grass or in their final death throes.
Tracey Dunkley Playgroup leader Newbold Mynahs Coalville, Leicestershire
The hill mynahs have made the dense forest of Kanger Valley their home.
While real mynahs apparently congregate around communication towers, each "Radio Sculpture" includes a three-dimensional bird figure posed beside a microphone.