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A muscle cell.

[myo- + -cyte.]


n. miocito, célula del tejido muscular.
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Those stressors lead to activation of signaling molecules (trophic and mitotic factors) that mediate the induction of cardiac myocyte hypertrophy and disarray and collagen synthesis.
Additionally, modulation of electrical activity of cardiac myocyte by natural occurring chemical compounds may present a therapeutic application, especially in the context of cardiac arrhythmias (Li et al.
05), but MyHC IIx expression in myocyte levels was decreased by treating cells with a 5 [micro]g/mL petroleum ether extraction of the TCMF (p<0.
Myocyte proliferation in end-stage cardiac failure in humans.
The cell death of cardiomyocytes was measured by in situ ligation of hairpin oligonucleotide probes, and myocyte proliferation was determined by immunohistochemistry.
Microscopically, the classic histopathologic features of GCM are prominent myocyte necrosis associated with a multifocal or diffuse inflammatory cell infiltrate composed of abundant T lymphocytes, multinucleated giant cells, plasma cells, easily identified eosinophils, and occasional neutrophils.
ROS also increase fibrosis and impair gap junction conduction, resulting in reduced myocyte coupling.
investigated the ionic mechanisms of adrenergic on the occurrence of EADs in canine ventricular myocyte and concluded that cellular Ca + overload and spontaneous SR [Ca.
Their cardiovascular efficiency may be enhanced, but the LPS release is causing myocyte damage.
The nucleus of myocyte was single, large oval, or spherical with one or two nucleoli (Figure 8).