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a.1.(Biol.) Derived from epithelial cells and destined to become a part of the muscular system; - applied to structural elements in certain embryonic forms.
2.(Zool.) Having the characteristics of both muscle and epithelium; as, the myoepithelial cells of the hydra.
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Immunohistochemical (IHC) staining showed positive for cluster of differentiation 34, B-cell lymphoma 2, vimentin and smooth muscle actin, myoepithelium, negative for epithelial membrane antigen, and S-100; the Ki-67 index was less than 1%.
Depending on the degree of epithelium present, the myoepithelium may be variably prominent but is uniformly present, both at the periphery and within the papillae.
Oxytocin has an affinity to oxytocin receptors which are expressed in the uterus during labour, the myoepithelium of the breasts during lactation (milk let down), and also on neurones within the central nervous system (Leng et al.
The bioengineered germ developed into a mature gland through acinar formations with the myoepithelium and innervation.
In frenulates and Sclerolinum the trophosome has been described as a simple two-layered organ with an inner epithelium of bacteriocytes derived from endoderm and an outer myoepithelium (Southward, 1993).
In breast CFNAC, the cellularity of the smear, lack of cohesion between the cells and absence of myoepithelium are at least as important features of malignancy as the nuclear atypia itself.
Immunolocalization of the smooth muscle-specific protein calponin in complex and mixed tumors of the mammary gland of the dog: assessment of the morphogenetic role of the myoepithelium.
The entire ductal/alveolar system is lined by 2 cell layers; an inner epithelium and an outer myoepithelium.
The use of oxytocin nasal spray enhances the onset of lactation, by contracting the myoepithelium cells, which forces milk from the aveolar canals into the large sinuses, where it becomes available to the suckling infant or for withdrawal by pumping.
Oxytocin causes the contraction of breast myoepithelium and milk ejection, and, like prolactin, remains elevated after birth in breastfeeding women.
In developing salivary glands, a common stem cell is responsible for the development of luminal epithelial cells and myoepithelium.
The majority of breast cancers originate in the ductal cells comprised of two main cell types: the inner luminal cells surrounded by basal myoepithelium.