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n. miolisis, destrucción de tejido muscular.
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Dr Matshitsa says other minimally invasive technologies include forced ultrasound surgery and the relatively new Uterine Artery Embolisation, as well as Myolysis, where fibroids are shrunk using an electric current or laser.
It is secreted from parotid glands of snakes and causes edema, vomiting, cardiac failure, respiratory arrest, bleeding wounds, headache, altered consciousness, systemic myolysis and necrosis at the site of bite (Koh et al.
In the long-term, persistent tachycardia causes myolysis and loss of atrial contractile force.
6) However, myolysis led to the formation of significant adhesions to the small bowel or omentum, or both, and was abandoned by the surgical community.
Evidence that Crotalus durissus terrificus (South American rattlesnake) envenomation in humans causes myolysis rather than hemolysis.
The safety and effectiveness and risk of fibroid recurrence with both myolysis and cryomyolisis have not yet been determined.
Others are Myomectomy, focused ultra-sound, GnRH agonists, Myolysis, and Cryomyolysis.
Myolysis and acute renal failure in a heart-transplant recipient receiving lovastatin.