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n. pl. my·op·a·thies
A disease of muscle or muscle tissue.

my′o·path′ic (mī′ə-păth′ĭk) adj.
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1. (Medicine) of, relating to or affected by myopathy
2. (Medicine) causing myopathy
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Adj.1.myopathic - of or relating to any disease of the muscles that is not caused by nerve dysfunction
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Histopathological findings from the left quadriceps muscle biopsy revealed chronic myopathic changes with sarcoplasmic rods and possible cores.
Intestinal manometry can be helpful in defining the pathophysiological mechanisms that are involved in PIPO, such as neuropathic or myopathic causes.
Maximum phonation time as a tool of screening respiratory muscle weakness in myopathic patients.
Electromyography of the calf muscles showed low amplitude, polyphasic, and myopathic units, the interference pattern indicated myositis.
Nerve conduction results were within reference range, but electromyographic evaluations revealed active and chronic denervation changes confined to the left upper and lower limbs, consistent with a myopathic process.
The myopathic lesions have been shown to include multiple rounded muscle fibers with internalized nuclei [2,4,22] coupled with a diffuse thickening of endomysium and perimysium and loose collagen-rice connective tissue separating muscle fibers [6,8,22].
Formoterol treated rats of group C showed significant increase in muscle fiber size thus [beta] 2-agonists can accelerate muscle regeneration by increasing the numberof myofibers and there by improving muscle function in myopathic conditions.
Underappreciated statin-induced myopathic weakness causes disability.
Electromyography (EMG) performed in the early period to investigate paraparesis showed asymmetric sensorimotor axonal polyneuropathy in the lower extremities and myopathic involvement.
Muscle biopsy revealed some single atrophy as well as myopathic changes such as degeneration and regeneration of muscle fibers suggesting an early stage of muscular dystrophy.