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The branch of entomology that deals with ants.

myr′me·co·log′i·cal (-kə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
myr′me·col′o·gist n.
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(Zoology) the branch of zoology concerned with the study of ants
myrmecological, ˌmyrmecoˈlogic adj
ˌmyrmeˈcologist n
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(ˌmɜr mɪˈkɒl ə dʒi)

the branch of entomology dealing with ants.
[< Greek myrmēk-, s. of mýrmēx ant + -o- + -logy]
myr`me•co•log′i•cal (-kəˈlɒdʒ ɪ kəl) adj.
myr`me•col′o•gist, n.
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the branch of entomology that studies ants. — myrmecologist, n.myrmecologic, myrmecological, adj.
See also: Ants
the study of ants.
See also: Insects
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The branch of zoology that deals with the study of ants.
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Buenavente, a myrmecologist and a museum researcher at the National Museum of Natural History in Manila.
Nor does he remark that their spectacular ant-heaps, or more correctly termitaries, are armour-coated in their excreta, as surely every myrmecologist should note without even having to excavate them.
Neil Forrest's colossal red-lacquer coated Flakes, suspended from the ceiling by stainless-steel wire, drew inspiration from the tree-boring habits of ants and the evolutionary sociobiology of myrmecologist E O Wilson but also, significantly, from Islamic architectural ornament, particularly glazed-ceramic tiles.
While other specialized books of this type can at times be lengthy and boring to read, The Lives of Ants is able to clearly explain to the expert ant entomologist (or myrmecologist) and layperson alike the immensely interesting chemical-communication and social-order systems found within different species of ants.
One of Sleighs central characters, the Swiss psychiatrist and early myrmecologist Auguste Forel (1848-1931), saw in ants' cooperative colonies affirmation of his own beliefs about the virtues of socialism.
A myrmecologist, Wilson spawned his controversial theories of sociobiology from observation of ant colonization, but it was his elucidation of the social organization of coral reefs that resonated most provocatively with Forrest.
Hernandez de Alba (1983c:265) unapologetically referred to him as "Mutis the entomologist," and based on reading Mutis' Journal of Observations, we venture to say that the Wiseman himself would have been flattered to have been called "Mutis the myrmecologist," or "Mutis the ant scholar." In one ofhis letters he writes, "[I] am determined [to continue] our correspondence about the insects; they have drawn all of my affection, without detracting from my interest in the other branches of natural history (Hernandez de Alba 1983c).
Wilson, in spite of this breadth of vision and synthesis, is the foremost living myrmecologist. To those who know him, the sheer passion that he shares for ants he extends to all other living beings, and it is this commitment which has highlighted his Biodiversity advocacy, and he is now one of its principle spokesmen.
Counting ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): biodiversity sampling and statistical analysis for myrmecologists. Myrmecological News, Innsbruck, n.
The new species described below appears to be rare and was probably never seen by Brown or other myrmecologists working on Myrmecina taxonomy.