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A plant adapted to a mutualistic association with ants, as by having specialized cavities that shelter ant colonies.
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Noun1.myrmecophyte - plant that affords shelter or food to ants that live in symbiotic relations with it
plant life, flora, plant - (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
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Thus, the series of events involved likely included colonization of a myrmecophyte tree species, starting with the two unrelated epiphytic plant species, followed by the Azteca ants, which later pruned other plant species that neighbored on or dispersed to the Cordia tree, and accompanied by the ant use of the domatia-like shelters of the Polytaenium.
Ant-plant-homopteran mutualism: how the third partner affects the interaction between a plan-specialist ant and its myrmecophyte host.
They may have nested in some other myrmecophyte, or in hollow live stems of any of a number of second-growth tree species.
floridanus possesses any special adaptations for living in red mangroves, such as high salt tolerance, or whether the prevalence of hollow spaces in dead twigs of red mangroves may be indicative of a myrmecophyte that benefits from the presence of ants.
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