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Adj.1.myrmecophytic - of or relating to myrmecophytes
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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Myrmecophytic species of Cecropia (those that harbor ants) also possess specialized parenchyma lining the inside surface of young internodes, though the exact role of this tissue in the mutualism is still unclear (Valverde & Hanson, 2011).
The taxonomy and natural history of ants of the genus Crematogaster Lund, 1831 (Crematogaster borneensis-group of the former subgenus Decacrema) obligately associated with myrmecophytic host-plants of the euphorb genus Macaranga are reviewed.
The amount and identity of ant species visiting a plant myrmecophytic interaction is determined by the amount and quality of extrafloral nectar (Lange et al., 2013; Rico-Gray and Oliveira, 2007).
pubens inhabiting myrmecophytic orchids in Barro Colorado National Monument, Panama.
Botanists will welcome this treatment of the subtropical, usually myrmecophytic Cecropia.
In this paper a brief historical analysis of this field of study is presented and the adaptations of plants to maintain the myrmecophytic interaction are discussed.
Myrmecophytic Cecropia: antiherbivore defenses under different nutrient treatments.
We studied the determinants of species-specificity in relationships between a group of myrmecophytic trees (ant-plants, or plants regularly housing ant colonies) and their obligate ant inhabitants.
Bulbous, and particularly myrmecophytic species and species with tanks, represented particular categories.
Vasconcelos H (1991) Mutualism between Maieta guianensis Aubl., a myrmecophytic melastome, and one of its ant inhabitants: ant protection against insect herbivores.
2004 Smilax borneensis (Smilacaceae), An Unspecific Climbing Ant-plant from Borneo and Myrmecophytic Traits in Other Asiatic Smilax Species.