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[New Latin mysticētus, from Greek mustikētos, textual transmission error (found in early modern editions of Aristotle's Historia animalium) of the phrase (ho) mūs to kētos, (the) whale (called) the mouse (Aristotle's designation for an unknown kind of aquatic animal) : mūs, mouse; see mūs- in Indo-European roots + to : neuter nominative and accusative singular definite article ; see to- in Indo-European roots + kētos, sea monster, whale (of unknown origin).]

mys′ti·cete′ adj.


(Animals) another name for whalebone whale
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Unlike the mysticete cetaceans, the boto and the tucuxi did not present a pattern of parallel tracheal folds, because these two species are considered shallow-diving animals and thus do not need to adapt to larger volume changes necessary to make deep dives (Reidenberg & Laitman).
Sounds below 1 kHz (typical of mysticete calls) have significantly less seawater absorption loss than sounds above 10 kHz (typical of odontocete calls) and thus can be detected at greater distances (Mellinger et al.
2009): Caught in the act: trophic interactions between a 4-million-year-old white shark (Carcharodon) and mysticete whale from Peru.
It was such a shame to have had to cancel Mysticete on the final night because of the weather, but I'm glad we managed to get through with just one cancellation.
Mitochondrial Phylogenetics and Evolution of Mysticete Whales.
Fossil abyssochrysoids also were associated with Eocene cold seeps, wood-falls, and bones of odontocete whales (Squires, 1995: Kiel and Goedert, 2007), and with Miocene cold seeps and the bones of mysticete whales (Amano and Little, 2005).
This is the first cetacean fossil documented from Nicaragua and from Central America and is a rare occurrence of a mysticete whale in Neogene strata of the tropical latitudes.
The smallest mysticete is the pygmy right whale (Caperea marginata), which measures up to 23 feet.
Perhaps because bowheads are the only mysticete that consistently winters in Arctic waters, this species (C.
I missed the whale, Mysticete, by the same French team who brought us an elephant on Framwellgate Bridge two years ago.
Mysticete the whale, by the same French team who brought us an elephant on Framwellgate Bridge two years ago, 'swims' in the Wear near the same bridge.
After 1940, minkes replaced fin whales as the primary mysticete target of whalers.