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mythos, mythus

1. myth.
2. mythology.
3. the interrelationship of value structures and historical experiences of a people, usually given expression through the arts.
See also: Mythology
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Tenders are invited for Devlopment of Walking path and installtion of Gym Equipments in Mythi.srikantaiah park and Karenahalli Basavanna temple Park
Key to Strauss' critical method was his insistence that much of the material in the Gospel narratives derive from myths, or mythi, propounded by the early Christians.
ALPINE EAGLE, fifth to Head Of The River on his seasonal debut at Gowran Park, might outpoint MYTHI CAL PRINCE in the Alchemy Properties Maiden Hurdle.
(5) Danielou examines what he sees as fundamental links between ancient Greek and Indian belief systems, particularly their mythi origins.