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One that creates myths or mythical situations.

myth′mak·ing n.
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(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the practice of creating myths
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Focusing on the period 1942-52, he treats these artists under the overlapping headings he used in his seminal work The Triumph of American Painting (1970): mythmaking (Rothko, Pollack, Newman, Gottleib, Baziotes); field painting (Still, Rothko, Hoffman); gesture painting; plus the new heading of "biomorphist" painting (Motherwell, Gorky, Hoffman, and de Kooning), giving consideration to the development and reception of their oeuvre.
As the title, referring as it does to "legacy," implies, however, the mythmaking and commemoration of the siege began when the first barricades were erected, not when the Red Army took Berlin.
John Altoon's short career offers near-perfect fodder for art-historical mythmaking. It contains all the ingredients of a durable fable: a fiery personality (he fought mental illness, often trashing his own work and threatening to destroy that of others); right-time-right-place fortune (late 1950s Los Angeles, coming into its own as an art community); the esteem and affection of fellow travelers (among them Ed Kienholz, Billy Al Bengston, Ed Ruscha, and others in the Ferus Gallery stable, of which he was a stalwart); and an early death at age forty-three in 1969 (due to a heart attack).
Based on archives, transcripts of important meetings and congresses of the party and military, the newest historiography and memoirs, as well as earlier accounts, Reese demolishes much of the mythmaking that has surrounded previous writing about the Red Army.
Mack prefers to turn the traditional formulation of the equation upside-down and "look first for the social issues and experiments that may have contributed to the generation of Christian mythmaking...." He goes on to observe about the group's work: "we haven't yet found a way to translate bits of data into evidence for a redescription of a site." There is "strong resistence to the task of redescribing a 'pre-Pauline.
Chance writes in the Preface, this collection of eighteen essays by Tolkien scholars from the U.S., Canada and Hungary, seeks to introduce 'the complex subject of Tolkien's mythmaking'.
But here is a perfect specimen of pater patriae, preserved from the ravages of scholarly disputation, free from the accretions of mythmaking and ideology.
But he and King's collective mythmaking surrounding uncomfortable truths is nevertheless a prototypical scenario in the black gay experience.
Toure's Dawnsong!, a particularly ambitious example of that productivity, seeks to create a new sort of African American epic, fusing Black Arts mythmaking with a radical post-Black Arts historicism.
Analysing the fanciful mythmaking of 'L'Allegro' and 'Il Penseroso', she considers how these poems present differing but complementary visions of poetic genesis and inspiration.
For a historian personally to witness this process of mythmaking is a fascinating experience -- one that does not come often (p.