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"Since he had never been able to bear to think that Jesus had been nothing more than a myth," the narrator recounts, "it became a duty to himself to make Jesus a physical reality rather than the creation of a process of mythogenesis."7 The story of Jesus turns out to be both false in some aspects and true in others, albeit accomplished by a different individual, as Moorcock contemplates whether myth creates reality or the reverse--or both, as is uniquely possible in stories featuring a vicious circle through a time-travel paradox.
The author--Steven Usitalo, a historian of the Soviet Union--begins by using Lomonosov's diaries to elucidate his work and his relationship with patronage and the ruling class, and traces out several stages at mythogenesis that occurred after his death, and several re-inventions that his myth has gone through.
(1990) 'The ideology of communal land tenure in Zimbabwe: mythogenesis enacted?' Africa 60 (2): 188-206.
(24) And if Hamlet has risen to mythic status in the last four hundred years, Hamletmachine critiques that very mythogenesis, as Muller himself proclaims with reference to Hamlet: "mythos is an aggregate, a machine, to which ever new and different machines can be connected.
Not only does artistic mythogenesis tend to make people aware of the existence of a myth, it also prescribes this population with a set of rules to follow if they want to survive in a society dominated by that particular myth.
Gill adapts a precept from Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell for the title of this chapter: "Cleansing the Doors of Perception." The opposition of sense to transcendence disappears in this precept, as human mythogenesis entails the incorporation of spatial and temporal phenomena in an expanding human consciousness.
(2) These "vortices," apparently made up of different compositions of wood types, through an apparently fantastic but latently natural process, "suck at the mind"; they enhance mythogenesis and create the legendary figures of the Jungian collective unconscious from wood and leaf litter--Holdstock's uncanny imagination ignited by a simple but nonetheless revolutionary idea.
Richard Slotkin, professor of English at Wesleyan University has spent his career examining the origins of this "American mythogenesis," (14) In his examination of frontier literature, he argues that, although America's beginnings have been portrayed as pure and noble imbued with the divinely mandated intention of establishing a nation free of oppression, a careful examination of history reveals that America was established as a "gunfighter nation," whose existence is founded on the "frontier" or "wilderness" myth.
Tropper Baumann, The Mythogenesis of Gender: Judicial Images of Women in
In what may be the book's most compelling intervention, the emphasis upon what Richard Slotkin has described as mythogenesis, or the creation of myth, brings cultural theory to bear upon the history of the Holocaust.
The second fragment weds Alice and the author of Algebra Identified with Geometry: The balance of this essay will probe the mythopoeic logic of the intersectional space housing the triangles in order to trace the basis on which disparate cultures find common cause in a universal mythic image: at the same time, it will subvert prospects for final attribution or localizing of mythogenesis.
Amott, Black Women and AFDC: Making Entitlement out of Necessity, in Women, The State and Welfare 280, 281 (Linda Gordon ed., 1990) [hereinafter Women and Welfare]; Judith Olans Brown et al., The Mythogenesis of Gender: Judicial Images of Women in Paid and Unpaid Labor, 6 UCLA Women's L.J.