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Noun1.mythologization - the restatement of a message as a myth
restatement - a revised statement
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This article examines the rapid search for heroes, and the concomitant processes of politicization and mythologization of the uprising in the first year after the "battle of Warsaw's Jews." Collective memory of the uprising was shaped almost immediately in its aftermath, well before historical and fictional accounts of the uprising were written, and long before the date for Yom HaShoah ve-haGevurab (The Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and Heroism) was solidified on the Jewish calendar.
Perhaps this cultural shift augurs a journey from the mythologization of history to critical consideration.
Through a narrative process of mythologization, a space is signified and constructed as "authentic." Once canonized, this "authentic" place is constantly affirmed and expanded through multiple representations, which in turn acquire social value as derivatives of the authentic.
Buffalo Bill's mythologization begins almost immediately as the reader learns that he had shown courage and potential from his early years.
"On the level of official rhetoric, we can observe changes toward further mythologization of war history.
Foundation, mythologization and condensation are three of the main criteria given by Julia Sonnevend to define global iconic events, to which she adds counter-narration and remediation.
Mythologization works by reducing a traumatic event to a set of standard narratives (twice- and thrice-told tales that come to represent "the story" of the trauma) turning it from a frightening and uncontrollable event into a contained and predictable narrative....
For a text slated to examine the "creation of the mythic South," it is surprising that Reinventing Dixie does not comment on how Southerners mythologized their own culture or even how Tin Pan Alley's mythologization affected Southern identity.
With Chapter 6, "Vexed Relations: The Interplay of Culture, Race, and Sex," Nixon further questions the impact of neocolonial mythologization of the Caribbean as paradise in relation to sexual labour and the erotic exploitation of black bodies.
This article uses the idea of breaking glass to discuss an aspect of the mythologization of Ian Curtis of Joy Division, the oversimplification involved in seeing him as a poet whose lyrics transparently reflected his life.
Midcentury Mexico witnessed a wave of Cuauhtemoc mythologization, especially in the art world.
(33) Tricia Lootens reminds us that such mythologization continues to affect readings of Barrett-Browning-the-woman and Barrett-Browning-the-poet, whose "highly charged canonization" dramatizes her fluctuating reception histories.