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 (mĭth′ə-mā′nē-ə, -mān′yə)
A compulsion to embroider the truth, engage in exaggeration, or tell lies.

myth′o·ma′ni·ac′ (-ăk′) n.
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(Psychiatry) psychiatry the tendency to lie, exaggerate, or relate incredible imaginary adventures as if they had really happened, occurring in some mental disorders
mythomaniac n, adj
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(ˌmɪθ əˈmeɪ ni ə)

lying or exaggerating to an abnormal degree.
myth`o•ma′ni•ac`, n., adj.
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Psychiatry. an abnormal propensity to lie, exaggerate, or twist the truth.
See also: Lies and Lying
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[ˌmɪθəʊˈmeɪnɪə] nmitomania
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I tried to protect him and lied about our relationship twice (after the scandal was reported) but he is now painting me as a patient suffering from mythomania," she said in the voice note.
Lying may also occur in Histrionic and Narcissistic Personality Disorders." The most recent research on pseudologia fantastica, also called mythomania and pathological lying can be found at PubMed,
Mythomania: Tales of Our Times, From Apple to ISIS (reprint, 2016)
Amid the many portraits of Malraux, each of which emphasises a different aspect of the man, it is hard not to be struck by one constant: his mythomania. He went about it with such energy that it seems almost poignant.
Pseudologia fantastica goes by multiple different names including pathologic lying and mythomania. In this case report and discussion, we begin by providing a case that illustrates pseudologia fantastica and then discuss the phenomenologic, nosologic, psychodynamic, and treatment issues of this construct.
Famous fan, Catfish and the Bottlemen's Jonny Bond, was looking on as the unorthodox quartet thrashed out tune after tune, including the rip roaring Mythomania. Federal Charm flew through their 90-minute set seamlessly, fusing old tracks with new tunes from their latest album Across the Divide.
This is not to criticize the mobilization of international interest around the Civil War in itself; rather, it is to critique how the stories of wartime experience may be used to play some role in the ongoing establishment of the war story as a commodity, one that produces the illusion of heightened authenticity, perhaps most famously illustrated in the Civil War mythomania of Hemingway.
Campana's journey to South America has been questioned, especially by the Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti, who even talked about "mythomania" because of an apparent lack of official documents that could prove that the journey did take place (see Piero Bigongiari, Capitoli di una storia della poesia italiana [Firenze: Le Monnier, 1968], 359).
I detest the machista mythomania that places literature at the center of everything and rescues accursed writers and hopeless alcoholics.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrykulu has submitted a parliamentary question asking for statistical data pertaining to Turkey's sufferers of mythomania and hubris.
These acts of plagiarism were discovered and widely condemned, and whatever else they indicate about her (uncertainty about her talent, mythomania, sheer opportunism), they also hint at an impatience or even disdain for the established poetic forms in which she had been working.
Looking back at this foundational text with the distance and disinterest a half century affords, we can now see not only the very real achievements of Oberhausen but the sometimes problematic consequences of the heroic narrative it gave rise to--the oversights and exclusions, the denial and distortion such mythomania invariably entails--and therefore also the need to reconsider the historical record and retell the tale.