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 (mĭth′ə-mā′nē-ə, -mān′yə)
A compulsion to embroider the truth, engage in exaggeration, or tell lies.

myth′o·ma′ni·ac′ (-ăk′) n.


(Psychiatry) psychiatry the tendency to lie, exaggerate, or relate incredible imaginary adventures as if they had really happened, occurring in some mental disorders
mythomaniac n, adj


(ˌmɪθ əˈmeɪ ni ə)

lying or exaggerating to an abnormal degree.
myth`o•ma′ni•ac`, n., adj.


Psychiatry. an abnormal propensity to lie, exaggerate, or twist the truth.
See also: Lies and Lying


[ˌmɪθəʊˈmeɪnɪə] nmitomania
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The day when the obnoxious, misogynist, racist, mythomaniac, and highly divisive businessman became the 45th President of the United States, marks the end of the so-called 'Obama-era' in the US politics and puts America on an entire different course, which is both damaging to the United States and all of us here in Europe (not to say free world at large).
Your 'Mythbusting a mythomaniac' (Opinion, 9/27/18) is another such reward.
Meanwhile, Trump is a mythomaniac who appears to have systematically cheated customers of Trump University.
I think the technical term is a mythomaniac. The lay person's term is he was a Premier League liar and a Sunday pub league retailer, at best."
MPs also heard that Mr Chappell was a "mythomaniac", a "premier league liar" and a "Sunday pub league retailer", according to former BHS finance consultant Michael Hitchcock.
MPs yesterday heard Dominic Chappell described as a "mythomaniac" who allegedly threatened to kill the chief executive of BHS who accused him of stealing PS1.5million from the firm.
"I think the technical term is a mythomaniac, the lay person's term is he was a premier league liar and a Sunday pub league retailer at best."
Latham, she claimed, had borrowed his picture from old "Beat Generation" myths deriving ultimately from Carr, whom she regarded as overrated, and Kerouac, whom she called a "self-serving mythomaniac."[43] Kammerer, she insisted grandly, was the genius, "possibly the most significant talker of his generation ...
He had even dubbed him a "mythomaniac" and accused him of being two-faced on Romania's Europeanness, pro-European when abroad and more nationalist at home.
On several occasions during the campaign, Basescu hinted that he would not reappoint Ponta as prime minister, calling him a "mythomaniac".
Rodrigue Sleiman and Tarek El Bacha's Nice to Meet You is in a completely different vein: it follows mythomaniac gas delivery man Eddy and his tendency to believe and repeat imaginary stories to all he meets.
However, criticism and advice does not help the mythomaniacs. According to a Macedonian mythomaniac, there is no discrimination, no staged processes, no murders, no maltreatment of ethnic Albanians and no extreme poverty ...