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or myth·o·pe·ic  (mĭth′ə-pē′ĭk) also myth·o·po·et·ic (-pō-ĕt′ĭk)
1. Of or relating to the making of myths.
2. Serving to create or engender myths; productive in mythmaking.

[From Greek mūthopoios, composer of fiction, from mūthopoiein, to relate a story : mūthos, story + poiein, to make; see kwei- in Indo-European roots.]

myth′o·poe′ia (-pē′ə), myth′o·po·e′sis (-pō-ē′sĭs) n.
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(ˌmɪθəʊˈpiːɪk) or


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) of or relating to the composition of myths; productive of myths. Also: mythopoetic or mythopoetical
ˌmythoˈpoeism n
ˌmythoˈpoeist n
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References in classic literature ?
Perhaps Charles Strickland's power and originality would scarcely have sufficed to turn the scale if the remarkable mythopoeic faculty of mankind had not brushed aside with impatience a story which disappointed all its craving for the extraordinary.
A lot of thought went into that visual and mythopoeic synthesis, which also incorporates a strong element of Celtic and Germanic folklore.
Assuming that the mythopoeic basis of Tolkien's work is
In one of the stories native language of Harappa is demonized in a mythopoeic fashion.
The Fall/Winter 2019 issue will be coedited by Mythlore Advisory Board member Donna White and will focus on mythopoeic literature for children.
The Great Tower ofElfland: The Mythopoeic WorldviewofJ.R.R.
Macpherson was a leading figure in the mythopoeic movement, where myth and fable blend with contemporary imagery.
By generating a string of virtuoso mythopoeic displacements, the artist explored affinities between varied strands of thought that run utterly counter to the safe manipulation of knowledge by "legitimate" specialists such as scholars, even those who claim to be experts in interdisciplinarity itself.
The 14 essays consider such topics as in place/ out of place: crossing and cross-cultural connections in Sarah Ladip Manyika's In Dependence, the transition from a mythopoeic to a populist aesthetic in selected political plays of Wole Soyinka, fictional and street narratives: the textual scaffolding of contemporary African cities, and childless mothers and motherless children fantasies of postcolonial reproduction in The No.
Adams Sitney characterizes as mythopoeic film in his study Visionary Cinema, with images which "are not so much symbolic as archetypal, drawn primarily from the visual vocabulary of ancient mythology" (30).