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 (mī′thŏs, mĭth′ŏs)
n. pl. my·thoi (mī′thoi, mĭth′oi)
1. Myth.
2. Mythology.
3. The pattern of basic values and attitudes of a people, characteristically transmitted through myths and the arts.

[Greek mūthos.]
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(ˈmaɪθɒs; ˈmɪθɒs)
n, pl -thoi (-θɔɪ)
1. (Sociology) the complex of beliefs, values, attitudes, etc, characteristic of a specific group or society
2. (Classical Myth & Legend) another word for myth, mythology
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(ˈmɪθ ɒs, ˈmaɪ θɒs)

n., pl. myth•oi (ˈmɪθ ɔɪ, ˈmaɪ θɔɪ)
1. the underlying system of beliefs, esp. those dealing with supernatural forces, characteristic of a particular cultural group.
[1745–55; < Greek mŷthos; see myth]
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mythos, mythus

1. myth.
2. mythology.
3. the interrelationship of value structures and historical experiences of a people, usually given expression through the arts.
See also: Mythology
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A body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject:
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